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Freedom Studios

Freedom Studios is an intercultural theatre company based in Bradford. They are passionate about new writing, new talent and making great theatre in non-traditional spaces for diverse audiences. Their mission is to connect different people and communities through making theatre and telling stories, as well as help eradicate racism and prejudice.

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Earthfall engage, excite, inspire, stimulate and provoke the audience through the creation and touring of original high-quality mixed-media dance theatre performance. They enable public participation through comprehensive, dynamic and sensitive education and participation and outreach work.

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Carlos Pons Guerra – DeNada Dance Theatre

National Dance Award nominee Carlos Pons Guerra heads up the clever, sexy, comical and passionately poignant DeNada Dance Theatre. Using vigorous physicality and extravagant theatricality, they provoke, reflect and subvert offering darkly humorous narrative work.  

Funny, sexy and flamboyant – The Observer/Guardian

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Non Applicables

Hilariously witty and straight talking, Non Applicables, made up of independent dance artists Sian Myers and Fenella Ryan, create fun, clever, entertaining work that comments on today’s culture.

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Hagit Yakira Dance

Award-winning Hagit Yakira explores human relationships through subtle and striking dance. By playing with fiction and reality, emotion and feeling, she shifts seamlessly between drama and humour. The result being a sophisticated product that has emotion and intimacy at its core.

Eloquently crafted and beautifully performed – The Londonist

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Keira Martin

With a passion for politics, reggae music and cultural diversity, down to earth Keira Martin creates hard hitting, emotive, honest and passionate contemporary performance art that draws on traditional dance and music influences. What you see is what you get! Prepare to be moved and entertained.

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