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Barnaby Booth

Award winning choreographer and lighting designer, Barnaby Booth, creates energetic and thoughtful theatrical worlds through contemporary dance, with which he explores themes of human social interaction, personality and psychology, celebrating the miraculous power of imagination and storytelling in an unorthodox form.

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Douglas Thorpe

Ex-Phoenix Dance Theatre artist, Douglas Thorpe, makes highly physical contemporary dance work exploring people, relationships and life, interweaving current social-political themes to engage the audience in important conversations.

Sandra Passirani

Feminist, contemporary dance artist, Sandra Passirani, creates work with highly relevant social-political themes, where in which she takes back ownership of her body as a queer woman of colour. Sandra’s work is highly influenced by her training at Alvin Ailey, and reveals an emotive physical movement vocabulary that ranges from Jazz through to African Diaspora Contemporary dance styles.

Azara Meghie

‘Generous’ and ‘gifted artist’, Azara Meghie (in the words of Donald Hutera), combines seamless use of spoken word and hip hop-based dance to pick apart the strands of a real-life experience of isolation, ostracism, homophobia, racism and classism. Azara’s boundless energy, rhythms of playfully sharp language, and movement that’s often fast yet always detailed, she delivers a lively, engaging and powerful performance.

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Carlos Pons Guerra – DeNada Dance Theatre

National Dance Award nominee Carlos Pons Guerra heads up the clever, sexy, comical and passionately poignant DeNada Dance Theatre. Using vigorous physicality and extravagant theatricality, they provoke, reflect and subvert offering darkly humorous narrative work.  

Funny, sexy and flamboyant – The Observer/Guardian

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Keira Martin

With a passion for politics, reggae music, Irish dancing, and cultural diversity, down to earth Keira Martin creates hard hitting, emotive, honest and passionate contemporary performance art that draws on traditional dance and music influences. What you see is what you get! Prepare to be moved and entertained.

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