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Hagit Yakira Dance

Award-winning Hagit Yakira explores human relationships through subtle and striking dance. By playing with fiction and reality, emotion and feeling, she shifts seamlessly between drama and humour. The result being a sophisticated product that has emotion and intimacy at its core.

Eloquently crafted and beautifully performed – The Londonist

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Sonia Sabri Company

Sonia Sabri Company is a dynamic company which has established an international reputation for presenting Kathak dance in a contemporary context. The company creates work relevant to modern audiences, that is inspired by Indian and British culture, and the rich possibilities that arise when they meet.

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Jaivant Patel

Rich in Indian British heritage and culture, Jaivant Patel’s work includes styles of the Indian subcontinent with their myriad influences, spanning traditional and contemporary artistic practice. His work features dance, music, food, storytelling, puppetry, workshops & more!

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Mavin Khoo

Mavin Khoo is one of the leading international male solo Bharata Natyam performers dancing in India and throughout the world. He has collaborated and danced with some of the major choreographers of today including Akram Khan, Wayne McGregor and Christopher Bannerman. His work challenges notions of gender and ambiguity, and uses Bharata Natyam as a base to create visually stunning work.

Sioda Adams – Earth-bound

Earth-bound, founded by Sioda Adams (sister of Keira Martin), works with highly skilled artists to create thrilling, thought provoking outdoor performance work through dance, theatre and comedy. The company strives to make uplifting performing arts activities and live performance accessible to all by inspiring participants and audiences.

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Freedom Studios

Freedom Studios is an intercultural theatre company based in Bradford. They are passionate about new writing, new talent and making great theatre in non-traditional spaces for diverse audiences. Their mission is to connect different people and communities through making theatre and telling stories, as well as help eradicate racism and prejudice.

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