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Sandra Passirani

Feminist, contemporary dance artist, Sandra Passirani, creates work with highly relevant social-political themes, where in which she takes back ownership of her body as a queer woman of colour. Sandra’s work is highly influenced by her training at Alvin Ailey, and reveals an emotive physical movement vocabulary that ranges from Jazz through to African Diaspora Contemporary dance styles.

Sonia Sabri Company

Sonia Sabri Company is a dynamic company which has established an international reputation for presenting Kathak dance in a contemporary context. The company creates work relevant to modern audiences, that is inspired by Indian and British culture, and the rich possibilities that arise when they meet.

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Jaivant Patel

Rich in Indian British heritage and culture, Jaivant Patel’s work includes styles of the Indian subcontinent with their myriad influences, spanning traditional and contemporary artistic practice. His work features dance, music, food, storytelling, puppetry, workshops & more!

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Sandrine Monin

Drawing on her 12 years performance experience including with Phoenix Dance Theatre, Sandrine Monin creates relatable and emotionally engaging experiences for audiences through athletic dance technique and poetic theatre. Sandrine is a mental health advocate and supports audiences through her work.

“Her fresh vocabulary is spellbinding” British Theatre Guide – April 2018.

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Bobak Champion

Bobak is a dance trained multi-disciplinary artist. The driving force for his art is his frustration at the the media portrayal, public discourse, and general treatment of all things Muslim, Islamic and middle eastern in contemporary Britain. Rather than these worlds instilling fear and panic he’s on a mission to share the joy, fun, laughter and respect from these cultures. He often draws upon his Bristolian, Hip-Hop, Iranian, and Yorkshire roots to make his compelling work.

Emily Beecher

Emily Beecher, mother, musical theatre artist and founder of The Good Enough Mum’s Club.  Creates both poignant and hilarious work about motherhood’s ups and downs.

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