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Spiltmilk Dance

Spiltmilk Dance ‘stick a big fat ray of sunshine’ into the world of contemporary dance. Co-Directors Sarah Boulter and Adele Wragg bring fun and intelligence in equal measure and entertain new audiences and participants with their unique brand of intricate yet charming dance.
Audiences leave a Spiltmilk Dance experience smiling, toe tapping, and wanting more!

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Josh Hawkins – Hawk Dance Theatre

Exciting and engaging, Hawk Dance Theatre create visually dynamic and powerful productions that are accessible to people from all backgrounds, and can be shown at various platforms – theatres, festivals and digitally.

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Kasia Witek

Kasia Witek’s mindful and sensitive contemporary dance and music work, brings people together through physicality, intimacy and touch, all inspired by yoga practices and philosophy. Kasia collaborates with Composer/Musician, Alex Roth.

Douglas Thorpe

Ex-Phoenix Dance Theatre artist, Douglas Thorpe, makes highly physical contemporary dance work exploring people, relationships and life, interweaving current social-political themes to engage the audience in important conversations.

Crystal Zillwood

Thoughtful and intelligent, Crystal Zillwood creates dance work that is gentle yet far reaching. Her exceptional observations and interest is in people, human evolution and social behaviour results in honest and creative productions.

Highly articulate performer, Zillwood manages to suggest an expansive vision within a miniature work. – Sanjoy Roy, The Guardian

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Ieva Kuniskis

Weaving movement, text and live music, Ieva Kuniskis creates physical theatre of visceral beauty. Her personal, emotive narratives and authentic characters tell stories and ask questions of everyday life.

…On the watch list of potential bright spark choreographers –

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