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Josh Hawkins – Hawk Dance Theatre

Exciting and engaging, Hawk Dance Theatre create visually dynamic and powerful productions that are accessible to people from all backgrounds, and can be shown at various platforms – theatres, festivals and digitally.

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Coalesce Dance Theatre, directed by Manchester based female artists, Fern Wareham and Rachel Maffei, have established an ethos that places people and communities at the heart of their practice. Their choreographic style combines strength, fluidity, and a raw impulsive style, and combines with storytelling and theatre. Coalesce approach topical subjects with a thoughtful, yet direct approach, aiming to engage and split audiences through their work.

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Sandra Passirani

Feminist, contemporary dance artist, Sandra Passirani, creates work with highly relevant social-political themes, where in which she takes back ownership of her body as a queer woman of colour. Sandra’s work is highly influenced by her training at Alvin Ailey, and reveals an emotive physical movement vocabulary that ranges from Jazz through to African Diaspora Contemporary dance styles.

Kasia Witek

Kasia Witek’s mindful and sensitive contemporary dance and music work, brings people together through physicality, intimacy and touch, all inspired by yoga practices and philosophy. Kasia collaborates with Composer/Musician, Alex Roth.

Emily Beecher

Emily Beecher, mother, musical theatre artist and founder of The Good Enough Mum’s Club.  Creates both poignant and hilarious work about motherhood’s ups and downs.

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Through dance, circus and theatre, Kapow spread the joy of imagination, physical story telling and the moving body with audiences. Directors, Beth Powlesland and Eithne Kane, believe in wellness and creativity for people and the planet. You’ll catch them at festivals across the UK and in their hometown, Manchester.

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