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Emma Clayton – Blood Memory Dance

Inspired by the local community, Emma Clayton creates work with and for the people. Sharing local stories, memories and culture through dance, music and creative workshops, Blood Memory Dance encourages all generations to intermingle.

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Caldonia Walton

Through contemporary dance, dialogue, and explorations of mental health and anxiety, Caldonia’s relatable work gives the audience an insight into the inner workings of the mind. Caldonia is interested in performing in alternative venues, including hospitals, and rural touring.

Ieva Kuniskis

Weaving movement, text and live music, Ieva Kuniskis creates physical theatre of visceral beauty. Her personal, emotive narratives and authentic characters tell stories and ask questions of everyday life.

…On the watch list of potential bright spark choreographers –

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Hayley Youell

Intrinsically curious and intuitive, Hayley Youell is an expressive vocalist and emotive composer/songwriter and musician. She uses the potential of sound and music to create experiences, situations and shifting emotional states. 

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Oli Bentley – Split Design

Oli Bentley is a Leeds based designer and facilitator who founded Split Design, a graphic design agency based at Yorkshire Dance. Blurring boundaries between art, design, and music, Split have been working on developing a body of exhibition work influenced by what it means to be from the North, exploring societal division in the North of England today as well as issues of race, class, gloablisation, the legacy of deindustrialisation.

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Wayne Sables Project

Theatrical and highly emotive, Wayne Sables Project crosses between contemporary dance, theatre and film to create work with a strong social message that is uniquely personal yet global.

…one of these rare artists who delve deeply into his craft to unearth both subtle and expansive dancing that is at once personal and global – Karen Bernard, New Dance Alliance Director, NYC

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