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Hayley Youell

Intrinsically curious and intuitive, Hayley Youell is an expressive vocalist and emotive composer/songwriter and musician. She uses the potential of sound and music to create experiences, situations and shifting emotional states. 

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Ieva Kuniskis

Weaving movement, text and live music, Ieva Kuniskis creates physical theatre of visceral beauty. Her personal, emotive narratives and authentic characters tell stories and ask questions of everyday life.

…On the watch list of potential bright spark choreographers –

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Wayne Sables Project

Theatrical and highly emotive, Wayne Sables Project crosses between contemporary dance, theatre and film to create work with a strong social message that is uniquely personal yet global.

…one of these rare artists who delve deeply into his craft to unearth both subtle and expansive dancing that is at once personal and global – Karen Bernard, New Dance Alliance Director, NYC

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Shelley Eva Haden

Nominee for The National Dance Awards as “Most outstanding female performer of 2017”, Shelley Eva Haden is both dancer and budding choreographer, creating highly physical work inspired by aesthetic beauty, female experience, bodies and flesh.

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Northern Rascals

Yorkshire based, multi-disciplinary company, Northern Rascals, are passionate in creating thought-provoking dance theatre that is both beautiful and relatable and taking it to a wide variety of audiences. Northern Rascals believe that the power in performance art is truly magic and something to be experienced by all. Their imaginations run wild, but always end up coming back to you, the audience!

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Yuvel Soria

Vibrant and highly gestural, Yuvel Soria combines traditional Bolivian Dance with Contemporary to unpick his mixed identity and cultural heritage.

Elusive and complex…Eloquent and intriguing – Exeunt Magazine