Digital Farm 2020

Last week, Sarah took part in Digital Farm 2020, thanks to Bristol Old Vic Ferment, Coombe Farm Studios, Fuel & Dance Umbrella. Due to Covid 19, this new online program replaced the usual Producer Farm package of support.

Approx. 15 producers shared experiences with peers and responded to provocations led by the partners as well as guest speakers. Each speaker shared a reflection on themes including, leadership in times of uncertainty and change, community engagement, cultural democracy and sustainability.

Digital Farm 2020 speakers were:

Stella Kanu (Executive Director of LIFT)
Isabel Carlisle, (Director of the Bioregional Learning Centre)
Mariko Finch (Deputy Editor of Digital Content at Sotherby’s)
Margaret Wheatley (Founder and President of the Berkana institute)
François Matarasso (Community artist, writer and researcher).

‘Digital Farm 2020 was a much needed week of connection in this isolated Covid-19 period of time. The partners and speakers were hugely inspiring and provided much food for thought. I’m grateful to have spent the time alongside a group of smart, considered, and creative female producers. I’m excited to bring the learning back into Spin Arts as we navigate these uncertain times with hope and optimism.’ 

Some of Sarah’s take-away questions that will continue to feed into Spin Arts strategy and work are:

  • What is the role of the arts now?

  • What does the public need right now?

  • How do we stop relying on fear driven leadership?

  • What work needs to be done now?

  • How can we ensure well-being and sustainability is a baseline on which we build all our work?

  • How can we create a society where every citizen has the right and capacity to participate fully, freely and equally in the cultural life of their community?

  • What are we prepared to risk or lose?

  • What can we do from where we are, with what we have?