Once upon a time there was a pandemic…

Throughout the sector we’ve witnessed cancelled contracts, redundancies and closed businesses. It’s devastated families, wrecked lives, and there is no denying it has changed the world forever. But as we approach Christmas, we’re hopeful that a different normality will emerge and businesses will  rebuild and grow once again.

Spin Arts, like most businesses, has had a rollercoaster ride this year. It is, however, testament to our team, artists, partners and stakeholders, that we’ve made it this far.

As we move closer to festivities, we’re taking this opportunity to look back at what we’ve achieved in the last 6 months:

Supported 30+ artists/companies who represent British Diversity & are inclusive of South Asian, Jamaican, Spanish, Polish, French, Creole, Bolivian, Irish heritage, LGBTQIA, single parents, low-socioeconomic backgrounds, and D/deaf.
Re-scheduled 6 national tours for 2021
Delivered 120+ 1-1 consultancy, counselling, coaching, mentoring meetings with artists & partners
Submitted 24 applications for grants and commissions –  15 successful so far
Raised £325,750 for activity in 2021-2022
Supported Bobak Walker, Azara Meghie, Keira Martin, Non-applicables & Sandrine Monin with £3,800
Dedicated 107 hours to the Freelance Task Force and 91 hours to Artistic Mutiny UK
Sponsored the Dance Freelance Task Force with £1,000
Employed 2 Quartermasters for Artistic Mutiny UK
Completed training/webinars – BSL Level 1, Trust the People Anti-Racism and Oppression, Subconscious bias, Intro to Counselling Skills, Does Accent /Socioeconomic Status Impact Life Opportunities, New Beings and Culture Shift: Racial Inequality.
Delivered 9 online events/workshops/discussions
Published 2 articles
Reached 37,351 people via online/social media activity.

We’ve also spent time better understanding those we support and now know that during 2020-2021:

67% identified as female
49% from low socio-economic/working/service class backgrounds
46% based in the North of England
32% received some form of benefit/welfare
29% caretakers of an adult/child/vulnerable person
25% identified as Non-White 
7% disabled

We know there’s still work to be done, to be fairer, more diverse, inclusive, transparent and accountable, but we promise to keep working on this throughout 2021 and beyond. 

We’re taking nothing for granted and hope we’ll see through the year ahead with the extraordinary talent we’re surrounded by. 


Wishing you a wonderful, restful and healthy festive period. 
Sarah & Rosie x