Earth Mothers

Combining Indian (Kathak) and Irish Dance, Earth Mothers, a new, bold and thought-provoking narrative work, sees two other-worldly women re-born to Earth. Distraught by the political and social challenges the people are facing, and the destruction of the planet, they seek to pass on their wisdom, traditions and cultural perspectives with hope that this can save the world. Sonia Sabri and Keira Martin take us on a tantalising, fast-paced footwork, ritualistic movement, spell-binding songs and storytelling, which captures the audiences hearts.

Composers and musicians, Archita Kumar and Amy-Rose Atkinson, play Indian and Irish music with a twist to create a magical, folky atmosphere.

Commissioned by Spin Arts, Arts Council England, Birmingham Dance Hub, Bradford City Council. Supported by Kala Sangam, Dance Studio Leeds, Stage@Leeds, Baithak.

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