Horse & Cart

Horse & Cart is a travelling Indian and Irish dance & music show, celebrating the commonalities between the working class of Bradford, the Indian subcontinent and Irish lands. With fast-paced footwork and folk songs, Keira Martin and Sonia Sabri, tell spellbinding stories of traditions, myths and legends from times gone by, bringing hope and happiness to all, in the here and now.

“We have been researching Irish Step dance and Kathak in a contemporary context, and we’ve been looking at the histories of the Indian subcontinent and Irish lands, and we’ve found it so fascinating that there’s such a commonality between the histories, the people’s stories and politics. We’re looking forward to sharing our findings with the community of Bradford, and we’re interested to hear local views and perspectives on culture, music, dance and storytelling.”

Key dates:

28th July – 30th July: Visiting Bradford’s communities across areas such as Manningham, Eccles Hill, Tyersal, Holmewood, Laisterdyke, Bowling, Horton, Ravenscliff, Thornbury. We will travel via horse & cart, and our artists will present snippets of the performance, chat to the community.

31st July: Bowling Park performance as part of Bradford Fringe

1st August: Lister Park performance as part of Bradford Fringe

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