Just Another Day And Night

Everyday we enter spaces that provide us with comfort. Sometimes we enter communities where we are less at ease. But we cross these boundaries with confidence and humility; embracing our identity, not trying to please.

Exploring the events in a day, and over the course of one night at a house party, Azara Meghie struggles to shrug off questions about race, gender and sexuality…just to dance! Using a canvas of sound which incorporates live drums, we journey in and out of a rhythmical dialogue between poetry, breakdance and theatrical movement. The riveting, bespoke and humorously infectious language Azara creates, allows her to tackle themes of isolation, ostracism, homophobia, racism and classism. Through experiencing these personal, climatic scenarios, Azara illuminates her discrimination. For Azara, this is Just Another Day and Night. But for you this is a real story and one to be heard.

“A heartening, thoughtful solo show from a generous, gifted artist” – Donald Hutera


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