Mine or Theirs

“Mine or Theirs is a piece about what I could or would do, as a queer woman of colour, if my body was truly mine. It is hard to believe we really have a choice over our actions, as if everything we do was a reaction to gender expectations. Perhaps remembering all he magic and the sacred there is within us, would help us not to bend under the weight of social constructs.” – Choreographer, Sandra Passirani.

This is a feminist, solo contemporary dance work with highly relevant social-political themes, in which Sandra takes back ownership of her body as a queer black woman, finds her strength and healing in her spirituality, and connects back to her Creole and African roots. The work is highly influenced by Sandra’s training at Alvin Ailey, and reveals an emotive physical movement vocabulary that ranges from sultry heels to African-contemporary dance styles – both engaging dance genres for wide and diverse audiences.

Commission by Spin Arts and Arts Council England.


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