Sonia Sabri and Keira Martin take over Kala Sangam with a week of online activities

Kala Sangam will be giving over their social media channels to Dance and Music artists Keira Martin and Sonia Sabri between 29th June – 3rd July 2020, for five days packed with activities, provocations, and creative tasks.

Offering people an insight into their creative process, Keira and Sonia will invite communities to contribute ideas to their brand-new production Earth Mothers, set to tour in 2021.

Earth Mothers is a new Indian, Irish and Contemporary dance, and music production which will see two other worldly women visit planet earth. Distraught by the political, environmental, and social disasters the people are facing, they will share their wisdom, traditions, and cultural perspectives to inspire a fairer society for all. The week will feature live conversations, performances, inspirational thinking and a unique glimpse into the rehearsal process.

Artists Keira Martin and Sonia Sabri said “We have been researching Irish Step dance and Kathak in a contemporary context, and we’ve been looking at the histories of the Indian subcontinent and Irish lands, and we’ve found it so fascinating that there’s such a commonality between the histories, the people’s stories and politics. We’re looking forward to sharing our findings with the community of Bradford, and we’re interested to hear local views and perspectives on culture, music, dance and storytelling.”

Alex Croft, Creative Director of Kala Sangam said “We’re delighted to be working with Sonia, Keira and Spin Arts on the start of this journey. With the building shut, we’ve had to look for new ways to connect with communities in Bradford, and I’m really excited about the opportunity this offers people in the district, and beyond, to not only view art, but to help in its creation.”

Sarah Shead, Director & Creative Producer of Spin Arts said “Spin Arts has produced award winning and critically acclaimed international touring productions for the last 10 years. Working with a diverse range of artists from different backgrounds and art forms, Spin Arts is committed to creating shows and experiences that showcase unique and often under-represented voices. We care about humanity and strive to bring the very best cultural experiences to local communities, and invite communities into our creative processes to help shape the stories we tell. Our productions can be found in theatres, libraries, galleries, community centres, and outdoor festivals, to name a few locations, and are often a byproduct of long-term investment and support into artists’ creative and career development.”

Keira and Sonia’s takeover begins with a live Facebook chat at 11am on Monday 29th June. To tune in visit

This project has been organised by Bradford-based producers  Spin Arts, thanks to RESPONSE funding from Bradford Council.